I absolutely love playing video games. My first console was an Atari 2600 which I played in the basement of my parents house as I was about 5 years old. Later I got a Super Nintendo which I still love to play nowadays. The next great console was the Gamecube which I bought from my own saved pocket money on its release day with Super Smash Bros Melee. But then times changed and a Computer was mandatory not only for gaming. Back in 2001 I started playing Diablo 2 on my dad's PC when he wasn't at home *sneaky sneak*. Later I got the PC for my own. It had a 233MHz CPU 4GB storage and 32MB RAM. Those were the minimum requirements for Diablo 2 which lead to massive lags when casting spells with my sorceress.. In the year 2006 I bought my first somewhat powerful PC which was the starting point for me playing Unreal Tournament 2004. Finally having an internet connection I also started playing online. And this is what I do until now.

And for everyone who is still interested after reading this whole bunch of melancholic gaming history of mine, here is a little list of my most recently played games on Steam:

I have also (re)implemented some small games, some of which you might recognize. And the fun stuff is you can play them on the web right here right now. But be aware that not all of them are optimized or even playable on mobile devices. No waranty and such :P

As a little challenge I tried to implement the classic Windows 98 version of Solitaire in Angular. I used a spritesheet found on the internet (trying to find it again and give credit). You can also change the deck without restarting the game. A timer is also ticking when you start a new game.

Some things are still missing though, e.g. I have already implemented how points are being calculated, with a minor bug that still bothers me. Another thing is it does not work on mobile devices. Drag and drop of cards is currently only possible with a mouse.

And as a last feature I wanted to implement the fancy animation when you win a game and all those cards are falling down from all directions. But this needs to wait until I get some more spare time.

Solitaire was the beginning and now I can't stop doing retro games. Minesweeper is just an easy way to go on with the race!

I have actually drawn all those numbers, mines, flags, smileys and even the digital red numbers by hand in a pixelart editor called Piskel, which was a great experience, a lot of work but still fun.

A leaderboard or local highscore would be great for those games. Maybe this will come in the future.

The next game in the series is Sudoku. There is an almost infinite amount of resources on the internet about solving and generating Sudokus including performance optimizations and the like. I did not implement all the logic by myself as I did back in my training time for a WPF Sudoku application. I found a pretty neat C++ tool for generating and solving Sudoku puzzles called tdoku which I used to fill my database of puzzles and their possible solutions.

This one is actually playable on mobile devices. You may also take notes in the individual fields and if you are stuck there is a little cheat toggle, which will show you the solution.

Happy brain training with about 5.7 million(!) Sudokus 😉