I am Tobias Haimerl also known by my nickname cmxl on the internet. As you might have already noticed I am interested in many different things from playing videogames to astronomy, music and well... programming! To bundle all my thoughts and share them with the rest of you I created this website which is something between a blog, a showcase, tools and games.

I have always been interested in computers and consoles and my affinity for those things dates back to 1993 as I was about five years old. My father had an Atari 2600 in his basement which I was allowed to play with from time to time. Later I got a SNES and this was the beginning of me being a passionate video game player. At some point during high school a PC was mandatory to get things done. Me being a gamer kind of guy also used it for non-school activities. 😉

Starting with a game called UT2004 I got into modding and just plain editing game files. This was about 2006 and my first point of contact with programming. Later on I had to create a so called "Facharbeit" which is a combination of a scientific essay and some practical work for an intesified course. My work's title was "Resting potential and action potential at axons and synapses" in biology including an animation about the topic created with Macromedia Flash. Creating the animation was only possible with some minor programming knowledge. I'd say this was the first time I really wanted to do more with programming and working with a PC instead of just playing games.

After high school I was flipping a coin to decide if I'd start studying maths or IT. Maths won but was soon abandoned in favor of IT one year later. Nonetheless the one year of maths study taught me lots of useful things I need until today. During my university time I was also heavily involved with my band Burden Of Life making music, playing gigs and composing stuff. As we wanted to get more attention I started creating our website and shop with PHP, MySQL and some Javascript libraries. Later on it was also mandatory to manage our shop orders and so I developed a rather huge tool with Java, connecting to our MySQL database and creating Reports with iTextSharp.

Those first tools were the best I could have done back then to get some development practice. University is often very theoretical and has done little to nothing to strengthen those practical skills. While studying I started my working student activities at LOG:IT GmbH. As I was the only one responsible for the web development I learned a LOT about programming, DOs and DONTs, best practices and much more. I have always had some little projects at home where I tested and bested my knowledge. Later I even started my professional education here but left the business half a year after finishing.

You can read more about my curriculum vitae here.

Projects and References

I am contributing to some public and private repositories on GitHub and I am also the maintainer of FFMpeg.NET. Stackoverflow is also a place I like to hang around. Take a look at my profiles:

I am the maintainer of FFmpeg.NET and do also contribute to different other Open Source repositories. Check out my work here!
StackOverflow is one of the most important websites for my daily work. I do ask questions from time to time there, but I am also sometimes curating them. Answering questions over there is sometimes also really rewarding.